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Background and Development

The AGES Group of Companies was born in 1987 to a humble beginning as a Closed Corporation named “Noord Transvaalse Geologiese Konsultante”, focusing on groundwater development.

As the company and related services grew, they took on different guises to reflect growth in expertise and leadership, progressing from GeoCon, based in the Limpopo Province, to Southern Africa Geo-Consultants (GeoCon), with offices in different major urban centres in South Africa. GeoCon rendered services mainly in the geological, geotechnical, and geohydrological fields.

Due to the further development in capacity and in order to meet emerging environmental challenges, the company was reorganized and restructured in 2002. This gave rise to the establishment of AGES.  AGES started in South Africa with a single office and has grown to seven in SA, and one office in Namibia.  AGES is looking to expand to the rest of Africa and beyond.

AGES consists of a dynamic and dedicated team of professionals from different sectors in an attempt to address the diverse nature of natural resources, environmental and social issues.

This team includes geologists, geohydrologists, engineering geologists, geo-technicians, engineers, natural resource, environmental- and social development specialists and town planners. They are committed to providing the industry and business sector with expertise in environmental and social development and management within the framework of our vision and mission.

Clients range from individuals to large corporations and include private landowners and developers, local and regional governments, agriculture, mining and industrial sectors. Services offered include environmental management, geohydrology, engineering geology, agricultural and social consultation as well as several engineering disciplines. Support services include GIS services, software development and infrastructure development.

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