The Importance of Environmental Management:

Environmental management projects and related engineering processes regulate the interaction between human activities and the natural environment, developing solutions to potential environmental crises worldwide. The assessment and management of these activities are fundamental in the preservation of natural resources.

AGES provides the following services to meet the statutory requirements in terms of Environmental Legislation:

• Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)
• Basic Assessment Reports (BARs)
• Integrated Water Use Licence Applications (IWULA)
• Environmental Control
• Ecological specialist studies (Fauna and Flora)
• Biodiversity Assessments
• Environmental Feasibility Reports (Screening)
• Environmental Fatal Flaw Assessments
• Environmental Management Programmes (EMPr’s)

When is Environmental Management Services required?

• Agricultural Activities
• Mining Activities
• Energy, Petroleum & Electricity Generation Projects
• Land Clearance Activities
• Construction Projects
• Pipeline Construction
• Bulk Water Transportation
• Animal Slaughtering
• Aquaculture
• Agri-Industrial Facilities
• Residential Developments
• Commercial Developments
Recreational Developments including Resorts and Lodges
• Decommissioning of certain listed activities


For mining clients, we provide a range of specialist services throughout the project life cycle

  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Compliance
  • Integrated Water Use License Applications
  • Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) Applications for mining permits, licenses and prospecting rights
  • ISO 14001 Accreditation Environmental Management Plans for development and closure
  • Geotechnical and engineering geological services
  • Tailing dam investigations
  • Geological services & commodity specific specialist studies
  • Geohydrological services, mine dewatering and water supply
  • Geophysical services
  • Mine closure, rehabilitation and reclamation
  • Water audits, supply and purification
  • Environmental and water monitoring
  • Social responsibility and community liaison
  • Dolomite risk management
  • GIS-based data solutions


AGES focuses on the application of Environmental Engineering in agriculture, mining, water and urban and rural developments.  The Environmental Engineering services provided by AGES, either in-house or through effective long-term partnerships, focus on the following key areas:

Hydrology / Surface Water Studies

  • Catchment Delineation
  • Hydrological yield modelling (WRSM, WRMF)
  • Storm water
  • Run-off and flood line calculations

Groundwater Resource Development & Management

  • Groundwater resource development
  • Groundwater infrastructure design & development
  • Water monitoring, maintenance & management
  • Regional groundwater assessments & long-term management;
  • Water efficiency

Environmental Resource Management Consulting

  • Infrastructure development
  • Project Management
  • Feasibility Studies focusing on water
  • Water systems & management systems
  • Mine Water Conservation and Water Demand Management (WC/WDM) Plans
  • Water-use efficiency

Engineering Support to Environmental Management

  • Legal inputs for water rights challenges
  • Mine closures
  • Integrated environmental resource data management
  • Integrated environmental resource management


Our geological and exploration services include expertise at various levels from geological to social intervention:

  • General geological assessments
  • Defining the potential mineral resource units
  • Application for prospecting rights
  • EIA and Mining Right Applications
  • Mineral deposit delineation and quantification in accordance with SAMREC requirements
  • Assistance with the economic evaluation of mineral deposits
  • Project management from resource delineation to mining right application
  • Social Impact Assessments