Regional site assessments for pre-feasibility studies and Environmental Impact Assessments

• Regional geotechnical mapping and zoning for strategic planning of land use, infrastructure routes, residential-, commercial- and industrial developments
• Site characterisation according to the requirements of the National Department of Human Settlements
• Identification of potential borrow pits in support of civil construction projects

Engineering Materials Assessments

• Geotechnical- and materials investigations of existing- and new borrow pits in support of infrastructure development projects
• Assessment of naturally occurring materials for use in layered engineering fills beneath footings, roads and behind embankments, as well as brick-making material

Site Specific Assessments

Detailed geotechnical site assessments for:

• The design and construction of civil structures
• Township proclamation
• Design of individual foundations for buildings
• Enrolment of residential development projects with the NBHRC
• Linear construction projects (e.g.: roads, pipelines, power lines, railway lines, etc.)
• Slope stability assessments along road cuttings, embankments, sidewalls of deep excavations, and groundworks in preparation of civil works
• Classification of individual plots of land for residential development according to the NHBRC site classification system
• Assessments of materials for the construction of new- or failed earth dams and embankments
• Geo-environmental investigations of sites or environmentally sensitive development (e.g.: filling stations, cemeteries, waste disposal sites, etc.)

Dolomite Related Services

• Development and implementation of Dolomite Risk Management Strategies and -Plans
• Regional dolomite stability assessments of large areas for new- and existing developments
• Site-specific dolomite stability investigations for various development types
• Specialist sinkhole- and subsidence investigations, including:

  • Design and implementation of emergency mitigation measures
  • Instability risk assessments
  •  Detailed site investigations in support of rehabilitation design
  • Support with design of rehabilitation and soil improvement measure
  • Support with tender documentation and civil construction management

Groundwater and Permeability Assessment Construction

• Geohydrological investigations in support of excavation dewatering
• Groundwater status assessments for development projects
• Soil- & rock permeability testing in support of construction planning

GIS and Integrated Spatial Planning

Projects and community development occur in a specific spatial locality necessitating comprehensive regional and local planning through Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Spatial planning services integrate geo-environmental, social and engineering aspects to promote sustainable development in both rural and urban contexts.  The following services are available:

Geographic Information Systems

  • Integration of spatial geo-environmental, social and built environment data
  • Application of spatial planning tools and multi-functional layering
  • Data collation, interpretation and display for effective decision making
  • Data processing (interpolation, raster generation and raster processing)
  • Database compilation and mapping
  • Custom made applications and online viewers

Integrated Spatial Planning

  • Land identification and analysis
  • Integrated housing development projects
  • Informal settlement programmes
  • Rural development programmes
  • Sustainable community planning
  • Research and development of alternative housing options
  • Governmental compliance applications


The Importance of Environmental Management:

Environmental management projects and related engineering processes regulate the interaction between human activities and the natural environment, developing solutions to potential environmental crises worldwide. The assessment and management of these activities are fundamental in the preservation of natural resources.

AGES provides the following services to meet the statutory requirements in terms of Environmental Legislation:

• Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)
• Basic Assessment Reports (BARs)
• Integrated Water Use Licence Applications (IWULA)
• Environmental Control
• Ecological specialist studies (Fauna and Flora)
• Biodiversity Assessments
• Environmental Feasibility Reports (Screening)
• Environmental Fatal Flaw Assessments
• Environmental Management Programmes (EMPr’s)

When is Environmental Management Services required?

• Agricultural Activities
• Mining Activities
• Energy, Petroleum & Electricity Generation Projects
• Land Clearance Activities
• Construction Projects
• Pipeline Construction
• Bulk Water Transportation
• Animal Slaughtering
• Aquaculture
• Agri-Industrial Facilities
• Residential Developments
• Commercial Developments
Recreational Developments including Resorts and Lodges
• Decommissioning of certain listed activities

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